Why To Consider Print Options With Your Web Design Campaign

Why To Consider Print Options With Your Web Design Campaign

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Before the glory days of the internet, effective marketing required a solid print campaign to help introduce your company to the consuming public.  This might have been through fliers, business cards, posters, newspaper and magazine ads, and other physical materials potential customers could interact with on a daily basis.

While virtually all businesses have moved to the internet, there is still something to be said about the benefit of a textile marketing arm.  An online presence is important,but for many businesses—particularly if you serve customers locally—there is an added benefit the textile aspect of physical, printed marketing materials.  This is why the best Montreal Graphic Design Print companies offer not only quality web development, but also provide support for print materials as well.



A good website helps users know, first and foremost, who you are by communicating your brand. This is typically an image—a logo—that helps cement your business to memory.  This logo, then, can be printed on business cards—and the like—to help connect your virtual business with the physical world for your local customers.  It can help remind a potential user to visit your site later, improving your overall visibility.


While it may be true that the majority of your customers will find you online—through a referral link or an ad service, for example—physical materials will encourage interaction.  This is an intentional strategy that encourages interaction between a customer and your brand.  The internet—even on mobile—is a private experience: most people only use the internet when they are alone.  A business card, though, can be a talking point, something one person can actively share with another person.


Here is one thing you might not have considered too: printed materials can also find you customers completely by accident.  Two people who see the same flier, for example, can share a moment of common interest, which can begin a discussion, and that can carry your business further than you think.  This is the age-old strategy of billboards and bus stop signage.  By spreading your logo—your brand—throughout the town (or wherever you can effectively distribute it), you can introduce even more people to your business, including those who may not have been looking for it (but will now have some awareness and perhaps seek you out at another time).


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