The Truth behind Social Media Followers

The Truth behind Social Media Followers

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For many sole traders and businesses alike, social media may represent a marketing opportunity that is difficult to master. In fact, many people regard social media platforms as transient marketing opportunities that require a lot of work and effort to get to grips with.

Whilst it is certainly true that new social media platforms seem to pop up every other week, there are some that have the momentum and the following to be more important than the rest. A platform like Instagram, for example, is now very important in the social media marketing landscape, not least of all because it is backed by a huge company in the form of Facebook. If Mark Zuckerberg can see profit in Instagram, then it must surely represent massive benefits to businesses and individuals in the context of branding and marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a Numbers Game

Marketing has changed drastically over the past two decades. As the web has steadily gained widespread use, even in third world nations, businesses have been witness to the biggest change in marketing opportunities since mass production was introduced during the industrial revolution. Social media is at the forefront of much of this opportunity and represents ways of doing business, engaging, and connecting with people that weren’t possible in the past.

Here is a taste of what social media now presents to businesses:

  • Engagement: By offering direct access to customers, businesses can now use social media platforms to communicate intimately with them. This two-way communication process initiates a feedback loop that even results in new products and new ideas in some cases.

  • Numbers: As businesses put more effort into their social media marketing, they gain new followers. The followers may not all be relevant, but through the sheer weight of numbers, opportunities may arise for gaining new customers.

This last point is very important when it comes to understanding social media. The truth behind effective social media marketing is that it really is a numbers game. If one can gain a large number of social media followers that are relevant and interested in the business, then the opportunity for growth is heavily increased. In fact, the entire goal of a social media marketing campaign is to combine the weight of numbers with relevant and targeted followers.

Gaining Relevant Followers

Of course, even the world of social media is not an ideal world! Though the relevancy and the hard numbers are certainly vital to a successful social media campaign, the truth is that many followers will not be relevant at all. In fact, this irrelevancy is a major factor in driving the numbers game, and businesses will often add more and more followers in the hopes of finding those loyal new customers.

Since the whole idea is to target relevant followers, it is worth looking into a service that can buy Instagram likes that are relevant and targeted. In fact, this bypasses the potentially frustrating journey that so often forms a social media marketing campaign for businesses.

By investing in a service that can offer more followers on a platform like Instagram, for example, a business can gain a relevant and interested following that has the potential to be converted into real customers and real sales

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