IT trends among enterprises that you should watch out for in 2016

IT trends among enterprises that you should watch out for in 2016

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Fast data, unicorns and clouds, this is what the present world will comprise of. Nowadays, the world is entirely created out of clouds and soon you will see unicorns throughout the industry and data will move faster than even light’s speed. If you’re someone who is not employed in the enterprise technology, you might feel that we’re speaking of some world of fantasy or something which is closer to the movie called Star Wars. But little do you know that there will some fictions which are going to turn into facts in 2016. You will feel you’re residing in a virtual world but that will be reality. To know more on the IT trends of 2016, here are some that you may check out.

  • M&A bonanza will be seen in 2016

There has been an agreement of merging between EMC and Dell which was the initiation of a combined tidal wave which is expected to remain in 2016 in the IT industry, where some companies like Dell, Cisco, IBM and some others have a command over the consolidated market capitalization north of $1. Now, they are all trapped in a battle with various startup firms for around $400 billion in IT spending which is ripe enough for disruption. All such startup firms operate in some of the hottest areas like big data, open source technology and cloud computing.

  • AWS is still in its nascent stage

2016 is definitely going to be that year which will embrace the hybrid and public cloud wholeheartedly. Due to this Amazon Web Services or AWS is all set to witness yet another record-breaking year, even better than the 80% growth which it gathered during the second quarter of 2015. This category or section of Amazon could indeed become one of those growing billion dollar companies in the history of industrial structure. As CIOs hate vendor lock-in, Microsoft Azure would very soon cope up with signing in new customers.

  • There will be a faceoff between unicorns and unicorpses

2016 is going to reveal the striking difference between the unicorpses, which are the former big shot companies whose value has now slipped below $1 billion and the unicorns which are the private startup firms whose values surpass $1 billion. The procrastinating performance of tech IPO market is now putting excessive pressure on growth financings and this is the brand new landscape which is forcing majority of the startups to make tough financial decisions.

  • Fast data will become equally vital as big data

Well-known IT companies like Phillips IT are of the opinion that it is high time now that fast data also gets equal importance as big data. As data velocity is on a constant rise, the companies should be able to analyze big data and immediately get sound actionable advice. This will allow them to offer better service to the customers and also meet their deadlines.

Hence, this generation will be totally cloud-oriented. Click here to know more on cloud hosting server Sydney and the services that they offer to help you stay afloat amidst the competition.

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