Important Facts about Warding In League of Legends You Should Be Knowing

Important Facts about Warding In League of Legends You Should Be Knowing

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Warding is one of the most important activities in League of Legends. Just like any other game, your prime objective in LOL is to protect yourself and your team. While it’s quite straightforward in almost all the games, League of Legends requires you to visit an extra mile. Although there are many factors that you need to keep in mind while trying to protect your friends, warding is most important among all.

In simple words, it allows you to take control of the map and strengthen your position in the best possible manner. Here are a few important facts about warding that you would want to know-

Warding Is Not a Rocket Science

Don’t believe on those who say that you can’t run warding in LOL. The truth is if you pay heed to the basics of League of Legends and warding, you can learn them without any hassle. It’s no rocket science. The only thing it requires is your attention and commitment to working hard.

Lanes Are As Important As Any Other Part of Map

Just because there are multiple lanes, you shouldn’t avoid them at all. If you ask any experts, you will come to know that lanes can make or break the entire game progress. Yes, you read it right. All three lanes: top lane, mid lane and bottom lane have their own importance in warding. While the top lane is the farthest part of the map and remains isolated for most of the time, the mid and bottom lane can give enemies easy access to your camp. If you don’t ward them, you may be exposed to uninvited threats.

Your Role As a Support Is As Important In Warding As a Jungler

Don’t underestimate the power of support. The role of jungler may sound more promising than the support, but in reality, they both carry equal importance. No matter if you are assigned a support’s role or a jungler, you focus should be on warding and strengthening your team’s position. This is the only way you can justify your role in the team.

These are some of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind to win your games in League of Legends. So, follow thispro warding guide and increase your chances of succeeding in LOL.

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