How to Prepare for the End of Analog Transmission

How to Prepare for the End of Analog Transmission

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There is a good chance that you haven’t really thought about your television antenna before. If you have been living in your house for a long time, you have probably never upgraded it. If you are moving into a new house, you might not have inspected the antenna before you bought the house. That is all okay, but you do need to think about it now. Television works in a variety of different ways. In the 21st century, people have more options than they ever have. There are three common modes of television transmission: over the air, cable, and satellite.

Prepare for the End of Analog Transmission

Cable works by transmitting television signals through physical cables. It is one of the most common and most popular forms of television transmission. For satellite, the signal is beamed down from the atmosphere and transmitted to your television with a satellite dish. This is another popular form of television. One of the most common forms is still the original form, however: over the air.

Is Over the Air Ending?

Antenna installation in Sydney is more important now than ever. In the past, television signals were transmitted with the help of the government. The signals are sent over the air through analogue means. Essentially, it works the same as the radio. Antennas were installed all over Sydney to pick up these signals. If you are getting over the air television, this might be what you are using.

Air Ending

Well, analogue transmission of over the air signals is ending soon. That doesn’t mean broadcast television is ending, but it will be switching to digital transmission. This is essentially the same signal, but translated into computer code and beamed to your house. Once at your house, it is reinterpreted by a digital antenna and translated into video and audio on your TV. You will need a digital antenna to pick it up.

Why Are They Switching?

The switch is happening in many different places all over the world. Digital television transmission is easier for governments to maintain, and the apparatus necessary is less expensive to operate. Digital transmission also offers many benefits over analogue transmission. Since the transmission is digital, it will be of a higher quality. In fact, many different channels offer digital signals in high definition (HD).

Why Are They Switching

Also, much more information can be packaged on a digital signal, so there are many more options per channel. It is not uncommon for a channel to have several different alternate channels coming in on the same signal, which offers three or four different programs you can watch.

Do You Have to Get a New Antenna?

An old analogue antenna is not going to be able to handle digital signals. You will need a new antenna for that. If you are not sure if you have the proper antenna or not, you should contact someone who inspects and installs digital antennas. They will come out to your house and inspect your antenna for you.

Get a New Antenna

Sydney will be ceasing analogue transmission eventually. If you don’t have a new antenna, you won’t be able to watch television until you make the transition. Luckily, digital television offers a far superior viewing experience.

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