Essential Things to Know about the Dark Web Intelligence

Essential Things to Know about the Dark Web Intelligence

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The anonymity provided by the Dark Web makes a safe haven for criminals and malicious individuals. These are the people who made a cyber attack a number of organizations. In terms of colleting intelligence on the Dark Web, you tend to quantify what the black market is selling. Every commodity for sale can come with customer email lists, personal and healthcare information, credit card information, product blueprints, fraudulent identities, vulnerabilities for sale and exploits. With this intelligence gathering, you see who the product was stolen from. Being able to know such information serves as a basis to what your security team should do next and the adjustments you should make to your security investments. It allows you to understand immediately the present target profile of related threat actors and the vulnerabilities being exploited. What else can you know?

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Unknown Weaknesses

Intelligence that is gathered from Dark Web markets can disclose unknown weaknesses in security controls which may have been overlooked. Such information can be useful in prioritizing cyber security program elements.

Unknown Weaknesses

You could be Next after your Competitor

Dark web intelligence can be utilized for investigating victims similar to your business. This means your organization could be the next victim. Analysts of cyber threat intelligence can better understand the targeted technologies and let the management know. Concentrating on the avalanche of intelligence to the profile and technologies of your organization, security management can feed such intelligence into your cyber program and get an edge over exercised vulnerabilities.

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Know about the Moves of the Bad Guys

Cyber criminals also have digital footprints. Such footprints include motives, patterns, activities as well as successful and attempted threat vectors. If you organization is equipped with this improved understanding, it will be able to better evaluate your present security posture and adjust proactively based upon the active threats’ relevancy.

There are many reasons why organizations should take advantage of dark web intelligence. However, there are challenges that come with gathering it that must be explored. Although organizations carry out dark web surveillance and intelligence by themselves, a lot of them prefer not t as it is a blind spot in their security program.

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Apart from the possible legal risks, moral issues must be addressed by employees and senior management. Asking workers to interact with criminals has not been dealt with in the business world. On the more positive side, organizations that want extra security for their business should consider reading a good Identity Guard review online. Identity Guard offers protection products to clients and firms that wish to make an investment in white-label protection for customers. An Identity Guard free trial is being offered.

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