A Vinyl Skin Will Enhance the Eye Catching Design Of Your New S7

A Vinyl Skin Will Enhance the Eye Catching Design Of Your New S7

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 It’s rare to see someone using their smartphone without a protective covering. With the threats that everyday use pose, it can be very risky to keep your phone bare. Scratches, dents, grime, and a dreaded fall to pavement are just some of the reasons why, but when your Galaxy S7 looks so beautiful without a covering, it can be hard to choose something. You don’t want to cover up the eye-catching design of the latest Galaxy. Well, you’re not alone. More and more S7 owners are turning their backs on bulky cases for the thin protection of a vinyl skin.

A S7 skin slips easily over your smartphone, adding practically zero dimension or weight to the phone. Much like its name suggests, it’s a second skin for the S7, moulding over its curves and contours with barely a couple of millimetres added. When expertly designed, a S7 skin won’t hamper the phone’s touchscreen capabilities. In fact, the S7 skin should work with your phone’s specs, enhancing rather than interfering with its displays or buttons.

A well-made, custom cut skin should also be as beautiful as the phone itself. There’s little reason to adhere a skin to the Galaxy if it’s just going to make the phone look strange or ugly. The skin you choose should be imbued with your personality, so don’t settle for anything less than what you absolutely want. Skins can come in a variety of true colours and impressive textures, so you can create the S7 skin of your dreams.

Most importantly, you’ll want a skin that will actually protect your S7. The first step to finding a durable skin is one that fits perfectly, as it won’t leave even a micro millimetre of the phone open to chance. The second step is finding a provider that can guarantee 3M vinyl in all of their products, as this will stand up to sharp corners and rough surfaces better than anything else. 3M vinyl will also provide a better grip, so you S7 stays in your hands, where it’s supposed to be. Best of all, it hide all of the smudges that you fingerprints normally leave behind on the S7.

Finding S7 skins made out of 3M can be simple if you know where to look. A simple Google search will bring up some names of providers you should check out, including Galaxy S7 skins from dbrand. Their 3M vinyl, precision cut skins are strong and come in a variety of cool colours and textures.

Now that you know what a skin is, you’ll never confuse it with a case again. Reconsider your policy on phone coverings, and get a S7 sooner rather than later. It’ll keep your phone in great shape without ruining its beautiful design.


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